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Text Box: Kelosika Staff with Minister of Health
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Kelosika Products (Pty) Ltd. was incorporated in 2004, to manufacture peanut butter in Botswana.  In January, 2009, the company began manufacturing a new range of products known as highly nutrient-dense spreads.  This was in response to the need identified by the Ministry of Health in it’s “Plan of Action for Nutrition 2005-2010”.  According to the report, protein-energy malnutrition and certain micronutrient deficiencies were the number one nutrition - related health problem in Botswana today.


The company worked together with the National Food Technology Research Centre in Kanye to develop a range of products designed to provide protein, energy and micronutrients in a tasty spread, which can be eaten along with the staple foods in Botswana like soft porridge made from sorghum (motogo wa mabele), maize meal (phaletshe) and bread.  The company has entered into a long-term agreement with the NFTRC for the provision of technical and laboratory services as part of their ongoing quality assurance program.


The company is 100% citizen-owned, and currently employs 14 Batswana full-time at the company’s main plant in Lobatse.  (photo at top)     


Company Vision Statement:


Our vision is to lead the way in forging new public and private partnerships in the fields of food production, nutrition and food fortification, thereby improving food security at home and contributing to the mental, physical and economic health of the nation.


Company Mission Statement:


Our mission is to identify nutritional needs in the region, design and develop new products to meet those needs, and bring those products to market through local means however possible.


Our Promise to All Our Customers:


“We will never produce or market any product without first ensuring that the product is safe, the product is nutritious, and, that the product has been tested and proven for acceptability amongst the population segment for which it is intended.”


If any of our products receive unfavorable results during acceptability tests, it means we still have work to do before the product can be brought to market.  We consider this “product development” stage as being crucial to the success of the company.  It is the best way for us to know that the money we invest in research and development, and the direct investment in raw materials and labor that go into production, is not wasted.


Further information about Kelosika Products (Pty) Ltd. can be obtained by writing to:


The Manager

Kelosika Products

P.O. Box 10164



Or, by e-mailing to:



Kelosika Products (Pty) Ltd. is a Botswana registered company currently manufacturing a range of Highly Nutrient-Dense Spreads known as Bonutrix HNDS.  There are four different formulations designed to meet the needs of children and adults.  The processing plant is situated in the town of Lobatse and was recently certified to the ISO 22000:2005 standard for Food Safety Management Systems, including HACCP, by the South African branch of DQS.  The company employs 14 citizen staff and one expatriate engineer from the U.S.A.

Kelosika Products (Pty) Ltd.                                           Postal Address:

Unit 1, Plot 6369-72                                                               P.O. Box 10164   

BDC Industrial Park                                                             Kanye, Botswana                       

Pitikwe Location                                                                                                                                                                 

Lobatse, Botswana                                                                                                                           

Tel: (267) 533-0188

Fax: (267) 533-0171

E-mail: info@kelosika.co.bw                                                   TOP       

Kelosika Products’ processing plant in Lobatse, where all Bonutrix products are processed and packaged.

Some of the raw materials used in the manufacture of Bonutrix HNDS

A Kelosika staff member carefully weighing our vitamin-mineral premix made specially for us by DSM.

H.E. Sir Ketumile Masire greeting Mr. Tomlinson at the LEA SMME Fair.