Bonutrix HNDS  Highly Nutrient-Dense Spreads

SwellKiddo  Prime

Bonutrix HNDS :   A New Family of Ready-to-Use Foods for Improved Nutrition

Text Box: Kelosika Products (Pty) Ltd.			    	      Postal Address:
Unit 1, Plot 6369-72						      P.O. Box 10164	
BDC Industrial Park						      Kanye, Botswana			
Pitikwe Location															
Lobatse, Botswana												
Tel: (267) 533-0188
Fax: (267) 533-0171

Join together with Kelosika Products in our “Campaign for Improved Nutrition”. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of chronic malnutrition and stunting in children under two through improved maternal and infant nutrition (see; reduce the incidence of severe acute malnutrition in children over two through blanket and targeted supplementary feeding programs in schools and clinics across the country; improve the nutritional status of the elderly through community-based and home-based care programs designed specifically for them; reduce the incidence of secondary co-infections in ARV recipients by improving their nutritional status through the provision of appropriate nutritional supplements; and to improve the outcomes of those children who fall into the category of severely malnourished through the support of our national CMAM program (community based management of acute malnutrition) through the provision of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF). While we are a private organization, our profits are used to help spread understanding about nutrition and support efforts to reduce the impact of under-nutrition within our country and region.

Link to the San crafts page for contributors to the Kelosika Indiegogo campaign for the “children of the Kalahari”